Coaching Programs

Every family is different and each one has different needs.  We can work together to find a program that fits your schedule.  Sometimes a long-term and consistent program works better for a family.  Other times it works better to have a short-term plan or maybe you even just have a few questions!  The type of program that we choose will depend on what type of services you are looking for as well.  Fill out the contact form or send me an email and we can work together from there!

Here are the most common coaching programs and an example of what an implemented program might look like.

  • Long-term Program: A 6-month program during the toddler years.  This can help you tackle those first months of your child’s developmental changes as s two year old.  This program would include family goal setting, monthly family visits, bi-weekly phone calls, and email support as needed.
  • Short-term Program:  The short-term program is similar to the long-term program, with some changes.  This can be the same as the long term, except with only 2 or 3 months.  Another option for the short term program is for 2 or 3 months of coaching that is more rigorous than in the long term.  This means that we might do more phone calls and more family visits.
  • Online Coaching:  I understand that finding the time to fit coaching in can be difficult, which is why I offer online services.  This includes phone calls, email, and skype.  The length of the program will be determined by your family’s needs, what you want to accomplish, and what is recommended.
  • Periodic Coaching:  Periodic coaching is not a specified length of time.  One day you might want to call me up for lunch, coffee, or just the phone call so you can get a few questions answered.  That’s it and then next time you have a question you can call me up again!

To get a free consult and quote send me an email telling me about your family.  We will set up a consult call to discuss a coaching program for you family.