Core Values

When I started this practice it was really important to me that I had strong core values and knew what I wanted to carry with me every day.  Turn out they are very similar to what I value in my personal life!

Helping your families achieve their goals and being the best family that you can be is my biggest priority!  That means we have to get creative and each family that I serve will be treated differently.  I will always be consistent in carrying my values with me and doing everything that I can to help you have a strong and loving family.

Core Values:

  1. Time:  Did you know that we only life approximately 32,850 days in our lifetime?  This is based on if you live until you’re 90.  But we are already on our way there and don’t have 32,850 days left.  32,850 really isn’t that many days.  You know what else…most of us spend a lot of time each day doing nothing.  Wasted time…  If you spend one wasted hour each day that adds up to 1,368.75 wasted days of your life.  That’s a lot of days!  That’s 3.75 years!  Think of how much more you could accomplish with an extra 4 years by only taking one more hour each day to do something you care about.  As a result of this math I believe in spending your time wisely.  I prefer not to waste my days watching tv, scrolling social media, partying, or sleeping.  Instead, I do the things that I love and benefit me in positive ways.
  2. Relationships:  Everyday we interact with the relationships that we have in our life.  Whether it’s a small interaction with the barista, a prominent relationship with your significant other, or the relationships with your children.  Each of these relationships should be treated with respect because you never know what will become of them.  The coffee shop barista could be a future friend, client, or business partner.  The people that you surround yourself with are the people that you become.  Children are very observant and they also notice every relationship in your life.  If they see you having healthy and nurturing relationships they are going to search for that in their own lives as well.
  3. Community:  Community is similar to the value of relationships because of how many relationships come from being an active community member.  A community is about collaboration, sharing, learning, teaching, and expansion.  Chances are your community has programs that you don’t even know exist, but could benefit you, your children, and your family.  Taking advantage of what the community has to offer can be a simple way to enrich your family’s life.
  4. Developmentally Appropriate Practice:  In the education word we have something called DAP or Developmentally Appropriate Practice.  This is an encompassing teaching practice that teaches the whole child in a way that considers every aspect of their life.  If a child needed a new behavior plan the teacher would consider the child’s age, social and cultural characteristics, and individuality.  Although I am not a classroom teacher anymore I still take this concept with me as a Family and Parenting Coach.  Each of your families are different and to find the right coaching plan for you I need to consider every aspect of your family and leave nothing out.
  5. Self Care:  To be honest this is something that I work on every day, but might be the most important.  If you aren’t taking care of yourself it is hard to take care of someone else.  I spend my days caring for and helping others.  It is so easy to get caught up and forget to take time for myself.  But if I don’t I quickly get exhausted.  This is important for you as a parent, because as you know parenting can be exhausting.  It takes a lot of your time and energy, but should also be extremely rewarding.  If you take the time to care for yourself it will reward in your family and help you be the best parent that you can be.