Family and Parent Coaching

Running a family and being a parent are both tough jobs!  But it doesn’t have to be!  I offer Family and Parent Coaching to help alleviate some stress.  We can work as a team to make parenting your favorite job.

Family and Parent Coaching Services

I offer a variety of coaching services that will suit the needs of you and your family.
This is what matters most


The community is a thriving place full of opportunities, support, and positivity!  I believe that we can use programs in the community to help your family find support and in return give back to the community.

Your Family

Your family is unique and there isn’t another one like it.  That’s really special!  I’m excited to meet you, learn about your family, and work with you to design a coaching plan that will fit your lifestyle.


Children are the future of our world!  We should do everything in our power to teach our children the sklls they need to live a meaningful life, how to care for the world around them, and be influential citizens.

Helping you achieve the goals you have for your family and find the life you have been dreaming of.
Featured Services
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New Parent Concerns

Being new parents can be daunting and exciting! I can help answer any questions that you might have as new or expecting parents.

Organizing your home or schedule

Life gets chaotic, but having a schedule and being organized can make a huge difference.

Tough Transitions

Diapers, pacifiers, moving, new school, new teacher or nanny, bottles, naptime…

Temperament Challenges

Your child is a new person every day- constantly growing, developing, and changing. Sometimes it is hard to understand the changes and you might not know how to handle them. I can help explain these changes and the best way for you to manage them.

What they say about us

“We have been fortunate to have Megan share her talent, professionalism, and character with our family for three years.  We are confident and delighted to recommend her to future families or organizations.”


Past Employer

“Megan takes pride in work and is always well prepared.  She is intelligent, interactive, and has outstanding communicative skills with both us and our children.”



“Megan is compassionate and kind.  One who spends any time with her can sense her overwhelming desire to help others.”